Degree Requirements for Master of Arts in Music

Degree Description: The Master of Arts degree program in music includes a required core of studies in performance, history and theory. Emphases in various areas of music are dependent on the specific needs and objectives of each student. Within this degree, students may consider using at least ten (10) elective credits to emphasize such areas as:


Accompanying/Collaborative Piano 
Computer Music 
Music Education  
Music History




Degree Requirements (M.A. Music):

Total Degree Program Requirements - 30 credits

Bibliography and Research (3) 
Music History Period Courses (6) 
Analytical Techniques (3)

Advanced Applied Music (2) 
Graduate Recital (6) or Research and Thesis (6)

An additional ten (10) semester hours in supporting elective studies are to be determined in consultation between student and adviser. These courses can include courses selected from the graduate catalog, up to six (6) semester hours in private directed research with a member of the graduate faculty, additional private applied lessons, and performance in university ensembles.


Admission Requirements:  Minimum overall grade point average required is 2.7. Minimum major grade point average required is 2.7. All graduate students in Music must take written diagnostic exams in Music History and Theory before the end of the registration period of their first semester of study and prior to admission to regular graduate status. Two letters of reference are to be submitted from professional sources (i.e., former professor/mentor, private teacher, etc.). All students pursuing a master's degree in music must have, at the undergraduate level, music courses equivalent to those required in an appropriate undergraduate degree program at Radford University. All students entering the M.A.(Music) program (which requires at least two hours of graduate level applied study) must also present an entrance audition in their applied performance area for placement purposes. Students entering the M.S. in Music Therapy without a bachelor's degree from an NASM member institution must also present an entrance audition in their undergraduate major and minor performing areas for diagnostic purposes. All students applying for admission to a graduate music program are required to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Praxis II music content examination.

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